Honey “μ”

On the north-west of the Ionian Sea is the tiny island of Erikoussa. A small strip of land, barely 4 sq km long, rich in thyme, brier, myrtle and native varieties of aromatic plants. From this blessed land of exceptional flora comes the unique Erikoussa honey “μ” [m].

Some kilometers east, the organic honey of Corfu is produced. Collected from six different areas of the island, each with a unique flora, the Corfu honey “μ” offers a distinctive taste and rich aromas.

“μ” is a world-class honey, awarded for both its taste and packaging by Biol Miel (2011 & 2012). It is a pure and natural product, produced in limited quantities, from a second generation family-run farm, committed to bio-efficacy and sustainable agriculture.


 honey-erikousas-bio_scr-150x150 Organic “μ”, Erikoussa honey

Certified organic pure honey with intense aromas of myrtle, thyme, rosemary and briar. Contains 60-70% myrtle.

Organic “μ”, Corfu honey

A fine honey, unique in flavour and purity. Rich and dense from the nectar of herbs, such as thyme, oregano, mountain tea, sage, mint, savory and other local aromatic herbs.

honey-corfu_scr-150x150 “μ”, Corfu honey

Pure and natural honey from pine, fir and wild flowers, free from pesticides, antibiotics or other similar chemical residues. Only authentic flavours and aromas of the Greek flora.


Try this premium honey on yogurt and walnuts, parmigianino reggiano cheese and hazelnuts, feta cheese and thyme, a slice of nutbread or cornbread. Pair it with sliced green apples and cinnamon. Mix with balsamic vinegar and give a unique flavour to your salad. Use as a marinade and glazing. Add in herbal tea together with some orange peel and a pinch of cinnamon. Or, simply enjoy its fine flavours and aromas on its own.