Fresh natural beers, with no chemical additives and no colorants. Produced from highest quality ingredients, these beers are natural living products. They are unpasteurized and unfiltered, without any preservatives, keeping all the rich flavours, aromas and nutrients of their pure ingredients. All beers in the Corfu Beer range mature naturally for at least 3 to 6 weeks, following traditional brewing processes and comply with the Bavarian Purity Law*. They are brewed in Arillas, a small village on the Greek island of Corfu. As all fresh products, they need to be refrigerated.

red_shop-150x150 Corfu Real Ale SpecialA red real ale from caramelized malts, with fruity aromas and a velvety taste. This ale enjoys a subtle hint of hops, with a lively character, light aftertaste and a very pleasing finish.It can be paired with a wide range of foods, such as chicken, seafood or burgers and is also great with spicy cuisine. You can try it with a lightly tangy cheese or poached pears.

(330 & 500ml, 5% vol., 3-month expiry date)

Corfu Real Ale BitterA smooth bitter brown real ale from roasted malts, combining coffee and bitter chocolate flavours, with a characteristic aftertaste.This ale is great for barbeques, pairing wonderfully with sausages and steaks, or roast meat. Eaten with chocolate desserts will compliment each other’s flavours.

(500ml, 5% vol., 3-month expiry date)

pilsner_shop-150x150 Royal Ionian PilsnerA refreshing golden blonde beer, with rich aromas, delivering a discreet sense of bitterness.This classic pilsner should be consumed with lighter food, such as chicken and salads, mild cheeses and light desserts.

(330 & 500ml, 5% vol., 3-month expiry date)

Ionian Epos

A unique fresh barley wine, with pure flower honey. This exciting, limited production, winter beer offers strong flavours and rich caramel colour. Its sour and sweet tastes derive from the malts and honey, leaving a distinctive aftertaste reminiscent of wine.

The Ionian Epos is double fermented, with a high alcohol volume of 7.5%, which naturally preserves this beer for a longer period (4 months) than its fellow beers of the Corfu Beer range (2 months).

Having a strong flavour, this barley wine can easily overpower most main dishes. It is commonly paired with strong cheese or bitter sweet chocolate dessert, though if you try it with dry figs or noumboulo you will be pleasantly surprised. It also works great in marinades for pork, duck and other red meats. Best to think of it more like port or cognac, a wonderful after dinner drink, truly meant to be enjoyed alone.

(330ml, 7.5% vol., 4-month expiry date)

1842_shop-150x150 1842 Ginger BeerIt “landed” with the British navy on the Ionian Islands in 1842. Today, having added fresh beer and fresh lemon juice to the traditional recipe, Corfu Microbrewery’s “1842 Ginger Beer” embarks on a new journey, bringing the freshness of the Ionian to your table.“1842” is a refreshing beverage of lower alcohol volume (2%), produced in Corfu’s Arilla village. It is the latest addition to the Corfu Beer range, produced using only the finest natural ingredients. This beverage contains 40% (fresh) beer and fresh lemon juice, while it is mildly spiced by a small amount of ginger. As all fresh products, it must be kept refrigerated and has a short expiry date.

(330ml, 2% vol., 2-month expiry date)


* The Bavarian Purity Law is a German regulation concerning the production of beer, dating back to 1516. According to this regulation, the only ingredients that can be used in the production of beer are water, barley, hops and yeast.